(If the title doesn’t ring a bell, google it for some good-hearted laugh)

Today I would like to briefly discuss deletion.

Now, If you’ve been through any software interview lately, there are usually a lot of good and interesting questions about storing data. Should it be indexed? If so, how…

A diverse hiring process may not be what you think it is

Interview. Photo by from

What does a diverse hiring process even mean?

I’m a woman. I’m bisexual. I’m trans. I’m a-spec (on the asexual spectrum). That would count as ‘diverse’ on several accounts.

Was there anything of real-world employment substance behind those titles though, given that I’ve spent over 15 years of my career performing as a man, 8 of those as…

Gil Bahat

A Gil, of all trades. DevOps roles are often called “a one man show”. As it turns out, I’m not a man and never was. Welcome to this one (trans) woman show.

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